- ProHold Climbing System - 

Bringing Trad climbing to your local gym. 

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ProHolds were designed with one over-arching principle in mind: 

Climb Better

ProHolds bring real, configurable rock to any existing climbing wall. ProHolds enable climbers to practice trad placement in realistic climbing scenarios under the mentorship of skilled climbing professionals - in a gym setting. This can ease the transition from wall to crag and opens gyms up to teaching trad climbing indoors. ProHolds can provide climbing gyms with new opportunities in basic protection-setting classes up to advanced outfitting and even rescue. This can be a supplemental educational revenue opportunity for climbing gyms.

So where are we? 

We have working, load-bearing prototypes we think are epically rad that will securely mount onto any wall with exposed bolted sport anchors. We are entering into a beta now to get final refinements built into the product while we work on building a reliable supply chain to get ProHolds into your hands and on your climbing walls as soon as possible.

We love climbing and we love tech, so you can expect more super-interesting things from us in the future.

Interesting in testing ProHolds? Contact Us.