FROST EDC Multitool


FROST EDC Multitool


With the FROST EDC multitool in your pocket, you can be ready for almost anything that comes your way. And just like it's bigger cousin, the FROST axe, the EDC is made of solid AR400 steel, so it's as tough as it is useful.

The FROST EDC multitool is packed with features, including:

  • 11 wrench sizes, each with 4 or more bearing surfaces per size: 1/2 in, 12 mm, 10 mm, 7/16 in, 3/8 in, 8 mm, 5/16 in, 6 mm, 1/4 in & 5 mm bolts & 1/4 inch driver

  • Wire crimper

  • Mini drafting square with .25 inch markings

  • Bottle opener

  • 1/4 inch bit driver

  • P2 Phillips Head and Slotted screwdriver bits

  • Chisel pointed scraper/pry bar

  • Lanyard hole

  • .6875 inch radius finger grooves

  • Anti-slip thumb rest/file

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