Welcome to Tradlabs

We are a design, fabrication and product firm based in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle WA.


We are first and foremost designers of useful things that people can touch or hold. We incorporate user-centric and scenario-based design approaches to ensure that every design we are involved with - from customer-supplied requirements to the greenfield designs that underlie our own products - is simple, robust and complete.


We are Seattle’s only small-scale, fast-turnaround facility with an in-house waterjet. We’ve delivered high-end custom furniture, augmented reality surgical camera array brackets, robotics, motorcycle parts, sailboat hatch brackets, tiny-house furnishings, musical instrument tuning gear, signs, and much more,


We have a growing direct-to-customer product line of artisanal adventure gear, including our fire-fighting tool (the FROST) and multi-tool hatchet (the ETCH) which we designed from scratch as scenario-drive rescue devices. We also build EDC tools and Throwflakes, our throwing-star-inspired holiday ornaments.