The ETCH is a vehicle-centric self-rescue tool that will help you be more self-reliant. 

The ETCH (Every Trip Carry Hatchet) was invented and built for and by the people at TradLabs. We spend a lot (seriously, A LOT) of time adventuring outdoors on and in vehicles, and while we all have pocket multi-tools for small jobs, we found that we were missing a really strong and ridiculously reliable tool that was able to tackle the big stuff without weighing us down. 

We call this category "Every Trip Carry," or ETC, because when you're in the backwoods or on a gnarly trail, you need a little more than an EDC (Every Day Carry) tool can offer. If you are an EDC enthusiast (but even if you're not), then the ETCH will fit right into your car, van, or 4x4, onto your motorcycle, or into your backpack or go bag. 

We are proud to design, prototype, and manufacture the ETCH in the USA.

ETCH owner Denise Howell gives us a walkthrough of her Every Trip Carry Hatchet.

Features, Materials, and Construction


  • Weight: 2 pounds 13 ounces
  • Length: 19 inches head to toe 
  • Width: 7 inches hammer to blade


  • Full-sized axe blade that will split, fell and limb equally well 
  • Rigid 9 inch folding arborist saw seamlessly integrated into the handle 
  • Serrated hook (beard) for climbing, hanging, or building an ad-hoc anchor 
  • Riveted aluminum and polymer sheath that provides maximum protection for the user and the blade with the minimum blade contact so it will not dull the blade over time 
  • Hardened Hammer Face supports using the ETCH for hammering and as a wedge 
  • Secret bottle opener we could tell you where it is, but then its not a SECRET anymore, is it? 
  • 3/8 inch Socket Adaptor for changing tires to fix flats
  • 4:1 Mechanical Advantage System helps with hauling your vehicle those few feet (or even inches!) needed to get moving again


  • Body: 7075-T651 aluminum alloy with a tensile strength of over 80K PSI
  • Head and Hammer: AR400, a 200K PSI abrasion resistant steel most often found in cool places like giant drills and bullet proof targets
  • Rivets: Mil-spec aluminum aircraft rivets 
  • Handle: Acrylic poly vinyl chloride (Kydex) handle scales
  • Saw Blade: Hardened carbon steel 
  • Socket adaptor: Stainless steel 


100% of the assembly build is done in-house in Washington state, we are 100% designed, prototyped, and manufactured in the USA, and over 99% of our materials are sourced from US manufacturers. 

The ETCH axe is constructed to be as fail-proof as we can make it. We built our own custom 20 ton pneumatic-hydraulic press to squeeze the rivets in the aluminum body (fun fact: 7075 aluminum cannot be welded using any welding system), and each rivet is set within Boeing aircraft assembly specifications - a global standard in riveting aluminum. Each axe blade bevel is hand-ground using a 4 pulley knife grinder. Every ETCH is assembled and QA tested by us. 


The ETCH comes with a lifetime functional warranty. We consider cosmetic damage to be a lot like scars: hard-earned evidence of a life worth living. In the unlikely event that you ever need to return an ETCH for repair or replacement, please tell us what happened so we can continue improving our products. 


Are you a gearhead like us? Download a PDF with the complete specs, feature descriptions, and the story behind the ETCH.