- FROST Axe - 

First Responder On Scene Tools


A multipurpose tool designed for firefighters to use from the moment they arrive on scene until they head back to the station.

What is the FROST Axe?

First Responder On Scene Tools, or FROST axe, combines seven of the most common fire fighting tools in use today. It's unique design supports attacking a hydrant, hose and coupling work, forcible entry, vertical and horizontal ventilation and self-rescue all with a single tool.

The FROST axe allows firefighters to lighten their load and save precious seconds by ensuring that the tools they will likely most need are already in their hands. And if backed into a corner, they can use it to rappel out of harms way, making it a potentially life-saving tool for firefighters to carry.

What can the FROST axe do?

Saving time saves lives--sometimes even their own--which is why the FROST axe is designed for both durability and versatility.

  • Head: The FROST axe has a 45 degree cutting head to maximize blunt force, keep it from getting stuck and ensure that the blade doesn't chip or deform on hard materials like steel fasteners or concrete. The head is also topped with a hammer cap that can be used as a hammer and ram.
  • Pick: The FROST axe pick is designed for demolition, forcible entry and self-rescue and it features a safety lug which prevents over-penetration in softer materials like drywall.
  • Windshield Cutter: Located just beyond the safety lug, the FROST axe has a sharpened cutter to assist in removing a car windshield.
  • Hose Spanners: The head of the FROST axe is designed to be used for hose and manifold couplers in all four of the major coupling sizes in use today.
  • Hydrant and Utility Wrenches: The butt of the FROST axe contains a set of wrenches for fire hydrant and utility management. The hydrant wrench comes in the smallest and most common size, but may be ordered in the specific size that works on your hydrants.
  • Forcible Entry Tool: Extending from the butt of the FROST axe is a pry-bar that can be driven into gaps in window or door frames to gain entry. (A pair of FROST axes can take on some of the jobs normally approached with the irons but they aren't intended to entirely replace the much heavier Halligan.)
  • Self-Rescue: If necessary, a firefighter may use the FROST axe for self-rescue. To do so, they drive the pick into the floor, wall or roof of a building, rock it past both of the safety lugs to lock it into place and then clip into the hydrant wrench and rappel to safety.

How is the FROST axe made?

The FROST axe is cut out of a solid sheet of AR400 steel--the same metal used in construction equipment and vehicle armor--and fitted with a handle made from fire resistant material. Overall, the FROST axe is 35" long and weighs in at 8 pounds.

Each and every FROST axe is proudly designed and built in the TradLabs shop in Seattle, WA.

Lifetime Warranty

Because the FROST axe is made out of such durable material, each one comes with a lifetime warranty. In the unlikely event that you ever need to return an axe for repair or replacement, we just ask that you tell us what happened so we can keep making improvements to the axe.

What are people saying about the FROST Axe?

"I think this is an excellent personal tool for departments running with smaller crews of 2 or 3 people. It would allow you some versatility and flexibility on the fire ground when you are working shorthanded." - Bryan T. Smith,

Basically it went through anything we threw at it. It's a good tool." - Tim Milbert, Fire Chief of Kittitas County Fire District 6