- Real Rock Holds - 

Say yes to rock. 

TradLabs' Real Rock Holds bring the feeling of outdoors climbing into the gym ecosystem. 

At TradLabs, we strive to make indoor climbing a more analogous experience to the cliffs you love. Bright colors and fun shapes might be great for some climbers, but they weren't giving us the skills, like crimping on an irregular surface, that we wanted to be building. Because Real Rock Holds are made out of natural uncut stone, they provide a unique opportunity for climbers of all levels to become better outdoor climbers while training indoors. 

Real Rock Holds come in 5 sizes: foots, pinches, small blocks, medium blocks, and large blocks. 

How are they made?

We use high-quality and high-strength rocks that can be mounted on a traditional indoor climbing wall in the same way as plastic holds, using the same hardware, while providing climbers with a sensory experience more akin to outdoor climbing. 

Holds are manufactured in small batches. They are individually mounted on epoxy, providing a flat surface for setting that also cushions the rock and protects the climbing wall, and are cut on our in-house waterjet.  

Real Rock Holds are sold with all necessary hardware so that you can climb better, faster. 

How do I get my hands on some? 

If you are interested in trying out Real Rock Holds, please contact us and we'll work with your to put together the best package for your gym. 

Note: If you are not sure how many you need, we offer a Sample Kit to give you a taste of what real rock can offer. 

But I hate talking to people! 

Because Real Rock Holds are made of a natural substance (rock) that we don't mess with too much, each hold is a special snowflake. We think that talking to our customers helps us give them the holds they need, rather than the ones that just look nifty.